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Wod Battles is a simple tool for CrossFit event organization. It allows to track event scores and use our generated scoreboards for your competition.

Our platform offers Event page which contains all competitions that are created using our platform. It is a tool to find competitions for participants and also to promote them for competition organizers.


Our platforms scoreboard allows you to keep up with all participant scores. It is simple and beautiful tool to broadcast your competition results. Scores can be entered by participants and after that approved by organizers or just entered by competition organizers which allows to make opened qualifications and also closed events.

We also offer scoreboard LIVE mode, which is a tool to present scores in your event. It shows events scoreboards and loop them to other categories after time interval.


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We make competition organization and participation for CrossFit movement events easy. Our goal is to simplify registration, qualification and event handling process truth web based platform that is handful for participants and organizers.


We offer simple and in the same time powerful tools for event organizers, that include handling participant registration, online qualification, score tracking, WOD announcements, and different types of score management that ends up in handy scoreboard.

Currently event organization is in closed BETA phase, so to become an organizer you have to contact us by filling out THIS FORM.


To use our platform as a participant it is simple. You just have to register in our platform which will allow you to participate in any competition organized in our platform. As a participant you will get your own profile that will contain your information and easy way to take part in competitions.

Currently participants is in open BETA phase, so anyone can join our platform HERE.

Become an organizer

Pricing for our platform depends on how many participants are planning to participate in your event. You can start with smaller category and when you get close to your deadline we will notify you and after that you can simply lift your limit.

For now we are in closed BETA phase so to start your competition and become an organizer fill out this form.

300€ / price per event

Participant limit: 100

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